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Improving Approximations for Pi with GeoGebra

Taehoon Choi and Dae S. Hong

Using iPad's GeoGebra app with the Snell-Huygens method significantly improves Archimedes's process of approximating Pi.

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What's Inside the Cube? Students' Investigation with Models and Technology

Samuel Obara and Zhonghong Jiang

Applying Zometool, vZome software, and The Geometer's Sketchpad to tetrahedrons nested in cubes enhances students' spatial visualization skills.

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Thinking Deeply about Area and Perimeter

Wayne Nirode

Using a 6-inch-square sheet of paper and a simple rule for creating a polygon, students can explore interesting area and perimeter problems.

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Ponderings on Pocket-sized Polyhedra

S. Louise Gould

Pop-up polyhedra–three-dimensional models that can be stored for future reference–are easily constructed using The Geometer's Sketchpad and give students experience in using transformations in the plane.

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Dragging and Making Sense of Invariants in Dynamic Geometry

Anna E. Baccaglini-Frank

In this activity, students learn to make conjectures about properties that do not change.

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Technology Tips: Exploring the Golden Ratio with The Geometer's Sketchpad

Dae S. Hong

This article shows how to explore the golden ratio using GSP. Golden rectangles, spirals, triangles, and pentagons are also discussed.

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Mathematical Lens: Mathematics and the Art of Sol LeWitt

Timothy McKeny and Joanne Caniglia

Students analyze a photograph to solve mathematical questions related to the images captured in the photograph. This month, the art of sculptor and painter Sol LeWitt is analyzed. Counting, combinatorics, and spatial visualization are among the mathematical themes evinced.

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Activities for Students: Delivered Tomorrow: Plane and Truck Geometry

Terrie T. Poehl

Voronoi diagrams, graph theory, and geography are used to explain and demonstrate sample ground and air transportation networks.

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Three-Dimensional Printing: A Journey in Visualization

Adam Poetzel, Joseph Muskin, Anne Munroe, and Craig Russell

Using simple materials, a Mathematica software application, and their knowledge of function transformations, students design and create real mathematical sculptures.

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Authentic Tasks in a Standards-Based World

Michael Todd Edwards, Suzanne R. Harper, and Dana C. Cox

The Meeting for Lunch problem exemplifies how standards provide more than an outline of daily activities for an entire school year.