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Informing Practice: Examples as Tools for Constructing Justifications

research matters for teachers

Kristen N. Bieda and Jerilynn Lepak

Research explores how to help students build from, instead of building with, examples when justifying mathematical ideas.

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Quick Reads: Searching for Pythagorean Triples

a good idea in a small package

Natalya Vinogradova

This method emphasizes the strong connections between geometric and algebraic representations.

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Math for Real: Pythagorean Picture Hanging

“when will I ever use this?”

Reuel Smith

The real-life tie-in this month involves using the Pythagorean theorem to hang pictures.

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The Right Place at the Right Time

James Metz

In the 1928 movie Steamboat Bill, Jr., as Buster Keaton stands in front of a house, the front wall of the house falls toward him. Keaton is unharmed as the open attic window passes over him. See photographs 1 and 2 for two views of the scene.

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Math for Real: How Much Time Will Lena Save?

“when will I ever use this?”

Dan Miltner

This problem ties in the Pythagorean theorem while two people walk around or across a park.

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Mathematical Explorations: Find the Distance: No Formula Necessary

classroom-ready activities

Ryota Matsuura and Yu Yan Xu

This activity involves finding the distance between two points in a coordinate plane and emphasizes reasoning from repeated calculations, which is one of the mathematical practices specified by the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.

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Using Tiered Explorations to Promote Reasoning

Cory A. Bennett

Address the needs of diverse learners with a class structure that is designed around a crime scene theme and based on student choice and perceptions of the math being studied.

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Radical Thoughts on Simplifying Square Roots

Kyle T. Schultz and Stephen F. Bismarck

A geometric approach using exact square manipulatives can promote an understanding of the algorithm to dismantle radical expressions.

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Quick Reads: Problem Solving with Laser Precision

a good idea in a small package

Scott A. Goldthorp

A student-centered, inquiry-driven classroom explores the Pythagorean theorem.

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Running a Rectangle

little problems with big solutions

Annie Perkins and Christy Pettis

Students are asked to solve a problem that involves running around a rectangle.