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A cartoon involving one lone messy desk and probabilities is coupled with a full-page activity sheet.

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A cartoon that explores odds and probabilities related to baseball is coupled with a full-page activity sheet.

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Readers Write – August 2011

letters from our readers

A reader responds to “Putting the Right Spin on Student Work” from the November 2010 issue.

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Todd CadwalladerOlsker

Student understanding of null-hypothesis testing can be improved by using a provocative question from a puzzle book.

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Carlos A. Mejía Colindres and Stephanie Peters

Eighth graders had a misconception regarding the concepts of impossibility and certainty as they considered the chances of obtaining a particular color when an atypical two-color spinner was in play.

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Solve It! Student Thinking: Penny Drop

big solutions to little problems

Students' thinking is discussed, and the procedures used with problem solving are explored.

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Christa Jackson, Cynthia Taylor, and Kelley Buchheister

Incorporating math games into the classroom will help your students become motivated problem solvers.

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Nicole R. Rigelman

Take a page from the humanities and have your students investigate mathematics in writing.

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Vivian Lim, Laurie Rubel, Lauren Shookhoff, Mathew Sullivan, and Sarah Williams

Take a chance on introducing the mathematics of the lottery. It will further an understanding of not only probability, combinatorics, large and small numbers, and data analyses but also social justice.

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A humorous cartoon and related problems (and answers) about a raffle prize and probability are coupled with a full-page activity sheet.