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Sailor Monkeys

little problems with big solutions

Sherri L. Baer and Edward S. Mooney

Two problems involving grouping invite students to devise their own model and strategies.

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A cartoon involving astronomy and astronomical units is coupled with a full-page activity sheet.

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Rob Wieman

A game called Five Steps to Zero and its variations are meant to help students with mathematical reasoning.

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Pruning Trees

big solutions to little problems

Jo Ann Cady and Pamela J. Wells

Solutions to a previous Solve It problem are discussed, and the procedures used with problem solving are explored.

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A cartoon highlighting growth of a retirement fund is coupled with a full-page activity sheet.

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Emily G. Kuper and Patrick M. Kimani

Students engage in a fractions task involving 2/3 men and 3/5 women, and teachers analyze their thinking.

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Robert Q. Berry III and Mark W. Ellis

See how one seventh-grade teacher melds NCTM's Process Standards, CCSSM's Standards for Mathematical Practice, and multidimensional teaching to engage students.

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Amy E. Hunter, Sarah B. Bush and Karen Karp

Consider this research-based intervention approach to ratio using concrete, semiconcrete, and abstract representations to help students who struggle with this concept.

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Sherri L. Martinie

Teachers who are skilled at recognizing students' misconceptions about decimals are better equipped to make instructional decisions that build on these ideas.

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Math for Real: How Much Time Will Lena Save?

“when will I ever use this?”

Dan Miltner

This problem ties in the Pythagorean theorem while two people walk around or across a park.