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Victor Mateas

Teachers can benefit from productive and manageable suggestions to align instruction to the intention of the Common Core's Standards for Mathematical Practice.

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Jae Ki Lee, Kyong Mi Choi, and Melissa McAninch

The L-shaped 2-5-3-7 algorithm, combining efficient Singaporean and Korean procedures with divisibility rules of primes 2, 3, 5, and 7, helps students identify LCMs and GCFs.

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Debra I. Johanning

Research on how students add and subtract fractions indicates that students struggle to understand various algorithms.

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Nicole M. Wessman-Enzinger

When solving temperature problems with negative integers, number sentences may be mathematically equivalent but not contextually equivalent.

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Jeffrey M. Choppin, Carolyn B. Clancy, and Scott J. Koch

Allowing students to reason and communicate about integer operations, or any idea, before these ideas are formalized can be an important tool for fostering deep understanding.

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Jeffrey M. Choppin, Cynthia H. Callard, and Jennifer S. Kruger

Student-generated algorithms, despite being inelegant and cumbersome, can nevertheless highlight a Common Core standard on rational number subtraction to show flexibility and understanding.

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Robert Q. Berry III and Mark W. Ellis

See how one seventh-grade teacher melds NCTM's Process Standards, CCSSM's Standards for Mathematical Practice, and multidimensional teaching to engage students.

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Jessica Pierson Bishop, Lisa L. Lamb, Randolph A. Philipp, Ian Whitacre, and Bonnie P. Schappelle

Reasoning about integers provides students with rich opportunities to look for and make use of structure.

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Kami M. Dupree

Abandon mnemonics and make stronger connections between the operations and properties of arithmetic.

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James Metz

Students analyze football plays.