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Stacy L. Reeder and George E. Abshire

Meaningful discourse occurs when tasks are chosen carefully and when the teacher steps back and allows students to move to the forefront of their own learning.

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Eric Weber

Formal notions of function, which appear in middle school, are discussed in light of how teachers might complement the input-output notion with a covariation perspective.

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Scott Steketee and Daniel Scher

Transformations using dynamic software can provide a unique perspective on a common topic.

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Timothy Deis

The Tiling Tubs task is a middle school activity published in NCTM's Navigating through Algebra in Grades 6-8. Students examine a drawing that shows a square hot tub with side length s feet. A border of square tiles surrounds the tub, with each border tile a 1-foot square. Students determine the number of border tiles required to surround the tub and express that number in as many ways as they can, thereby creating various equivalent algebraic representations. A valuable component of Tiling Tubs is its requirement that students contextually justify their algebraic representations. Students also realize that more than one correct representation and justification exists.

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Matt B. Roscoe

Top-selling cars in America can be the catalyst that drives an analysis of data.

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David A. Yopp

Track students' understanding of proportional reasoning by combining transformational geometry, similar-triangle reasoning, and linear relationships.

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Maryellen Williams-Candek

Students' understanding of proportional relationships become apparent during an algebra project that focuses on constructing mathematical arguments.

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Quick Reads: Posters: More Than Just for Looks

a good idea in a small package

Greisy Winicki-Landman and Christine Latulippe

Posters, commonly employed for decoration, can be used to introduce and practice new concepts and help assess student learning.

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Kara J. Jackson, Emily C. Shahan, Lynsey K. Gibbons, and Paul A. Cobb

Consider four important elements of setting up challenging mathematics problems to support all students' learning.

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Math for Real: Comfortable Construction

“when will I ever use this?”

Melissa Hosten and Andria R. Disney

Finding the best step and tread for stairs provides the real-life tie in to this activity on slope and graphing.