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Martha E. Hildebrandt

Postscript items are designed as rich “grab and go” resources that teachers can quickly incorporate into their classroom repertoire with little effort and maximum impact. This article adapts the classic Dots and Squares game into fun ways to encourage problem solving and computation. Variations include ways to adapt the game to different levels.

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Cristina Gomez and Dani Novak

Consider using these problems to help students develop number and operation sense in a simple and fun way.

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Martha Hildebrandt

This article shares ideas for using the calendar date to increase students' mental mathematics and problem-solving skills. Postscript items are designed as rich grab-and-go resources that any teacher could quickly incorporate into his or her classroom repertoire with little effort and maximum impact.

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Lisa M. Buchholz

Several detours prompted me to find time in an overcrowded school day to incorporate important, powerful, daily, whole-class application of fact strategies.

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Jessica F. Shumway and Jessica Hoggan

Second graders began their journey to multiplicative reasoning by using rectangular arrays to find a total amount.

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Vi Tamargo and Tod Johnston

Making student thinking visible improves the feedback loop for the learner, the teacher, and the entire class.

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Karen S. Karp, Sarah B. Bush and Barbara J. Dougherty

Try these meaningful alternative approaches to helping students make sense of word problems.

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Lisa L. Poling, Nirmala Naresh and Tracy Goodson-Espy

Real-life scenarios embedded in social, cultural, historical, and political contexts can help bridge a gap between critical mathematics education and mathematical modeling.

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Melanie Wenrick, Jean L. Behrend and Laura C. Mohs

See how the NCTM Process Standards in action integrate Common Core State Standards in a second-grade classroom.