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Nicole M. Wessman-Enzinger

When solving temperature problems with negative integers, number sentences may be mathematically equivalent but not contextually equivalent.

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Nicole M. Wessman-Enzinger and Kristina M. Hofer

This article highlights the importance of re-defining units unconventionally with fractions. We provide three examples of tasks Grade 5 students engaged in; we highlight the creative ways that they flexibly re-defined units and engaged deeply with fractions. We offer suggestions for supporting unconventional units for promoting conceptual understanding of fractions.

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Making Sense of Integers through Storytelling

research matters for teachers

Nicole M. Wessman-Enzinger and Edward S. Mooney

Students process open-number problems through various ways of thinking. The patterns emerged from the authors' research on student thinking about integers and are connected to teaching tips for the classroom.

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Nicole M. Wessman-Enzinger, Barbara A. Swartz and Sararose D. Lynch

Have you ever looked at your students working in groups and wondered, “How can I ensure that all of my students are involved in solving this task?” With similar concerns, we found ourselves talking about complex instruction (Featherstone et al. 2011) as a way to help facilitate equitable participation within group work for our students. This Problem Solvers Problem highlights our collaborative efforts in designing a complex instruction task, which supports all students' contributions in problem solving.