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Kevin C. Moore

A growing body of literature has identified quantitative and covariational reasoning as critical for secondary and undergraduate student learning, particularly for topics that require students to make sense of relationships between quantities. The present study extends this body of literature by characterizing an undergraduate precalculus student's progress during a teaching experiment exploring angle measure and trigonometric functions.

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Kevin C. Moore and Kevin R. LaForest

A connected introduction of angle measure and the sine function entails quantitative reasoning.

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Teo Paoletti, Irma E. Stevens and Kevin C. Moore

Strategy can uncover students' thinking about representational conventions.

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Kevin C. Moore, Jason Silverman, Teo Paoletti and Kevin LaForest

Quantitative reasoning is critical to developing understandings of function that are important for sustained success in mathematics. Unfortunately, preservice teachers often do not receive sufficient quantitative reasoning experiences during their schooling. In this paper, we illustrate consequences of underdeveloped quantitative reasoning abilities against the backdrop of central function concepts. We also illustrate tasks that can perturb preservice teachers' thinking in ways that produce opportunities for quantitative reasoning. By implementing strategically designed tasks, teacher educators can support preservice teachers–and students in general–in advancing their quantitative reasoning abilities and their understanding of secondary mathematics content.