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Jessica H. Hunt

All students benefit from lessons adapted to a team-teaching model.

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Jessica Hunt and Juanita Silva

We investigated the extent to which one elementary school child with ­working-memory differences made sense of number as a composite unit and advanced her reasoning. Through ongoing and retrospective analysis of eight teaching-experiment sessions, we uncovered four shifts in the child’s real-time negotiation of number over time: (a) initial “2s” and symmetry to consider counting on, (b) participatory awareness of 10 and use of algorithmic knowledge, (c) break apart and growing anticipation of tacit counting, and (d) advanced participatory tacit double counting. The results suggest a possible link between the child’s participatory knowledge and the extent to which her enacted activity met her goals for solving the problem more than her current “knowing.” The implications regarding a possible proof of concept toward implicit, intensive instruction are shared.

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Ron Tzur and Jessica Hunt

Using these tasks can help nurture children's multiplicative notions of unit fractions beyond part-whole understanding.

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Jessica H. Hunt and Janet B. Andreasen

More than just accommodation, this framework is designed to help teachers reach all students—no matter their level of ability.

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Zachary M. Walker and Jessica H. Hunt

How to weave life skills into a classroom to support students with disabilities.

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Janet B. Andreasen and Jessica H. Hunt

To meet diverse student needs, use an approach that is situated in understanding fractions.

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Sararose D. Lynch, Jessica H. Hunt and Katherine E. Lewis

Consider strategies that create access while maintaining the cognitive demand of a mathematics task.

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Beth L. MacDonald, Diana L. Moss, and Jessica H. Hunt

In this article, we explore how playing with dominoes not only requires students to count but also to subitize when constructing number and operations.

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Jessica H. Hunt, Beth MacDonald, Rachel Lambert, Trisha Sugita and Juanita Silva

Anticipating and responding to learner variability can make using talk moves complex. The authors fuse Universal Design for Learning (UDL), differentiation, and talk moves into three key planning and pedagogy considerations.