Legacy Journals


In January 2020, NCTM launched the highly anticipated new monthly practitioner journal, Mathematics Teacher: Learning & Teaching PK–12 (MTLT). MTLT replaces the NCTM practitioner journals Mathematics Teacher, Teaching Children Mathematics, and Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School, which were published through May 2019. All NCTM members have access to MTLT.

NCTM hosts digital archives of all its current and former journals in our easily accessible format. 

Essential members have access to their choice of one of the grade-band–specific digital journal archives. Premium members enjoy access to all three archives plus currently produced Journal for Research in Mathematics Education (JRME) and Mathematics Teacher Educator (MTE). 

Enjoy your access to the archives and current journals. Please contact nctm@nctm.org if you have any questions or to upgrade to Premium Membership. 

     Teaching Children Mathematics

     Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School

     Arithmetic Teacher

     Mathematics Teacher