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Call for Manuscripts: Success Stories for Catalyzing Change

NCTM is soliciting proposals for manuscripts that share stories from the field that align with the recommendations in NCTM’s PK–12 Catalyzing Change series. The book is Success Stories for Catalyzing Change, edited by Karen J. Graham, University of New Hampshire; Robert Q. Berry III, University of Virginia; Sarah B. Bush, University of Central Florida; DeAnn Huinker, University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee. The recommendations center on the following serious challenges:

  • Broadening  the purpose of school mathematics to prioritize development of deep conceptual understanding so that students experience joy and confidence in themselves as emerging mathematicians
  • Dismantling structural obstacles that stand in the way of mathematics working for each and every student
  • Implementing equitable instructional practices to cultivate students’ positive mathematical identities and a strong sense of agency
  • Organizing mathematics along a common shared pathway grounded in the use of mathematical practices and processes to coherently develop a strong foundation of deep mathematical understanding for each and every student

Consider sharing your story so that others can learn from your efforts and be inspired. More information can be found at the call for manuscripts