Meet the October MTLT Authors

September 29, 2021

Angela Barlow, Editor-in-Chief of Mathematics Teacher: Learning and Teaching PK–12, introduces the inaugural special issue in this video. Having seen the digital divide in action, Barlow encourages readers to think about their own use of technology and how it can address this digital divide, as well as digital equity. What are the next steps you can take? Dig into this issue to learn new about new technologies, new tasks, and new ways of using them to bridge that divide. 


October’s Front-and-Center article, “Positioning Students to Explore Math with Technology,” highlights the opportunities afforded to readers by modern technologies and the widespread availability of free online tools for teachers and students alike. Authors Allison W. McCulloch, Jennifer N. Lovett, Lara K. Dick, and Charity Cayton provide sample tasks and video clips of students engaging with those tasks in their article, promoting the exploration of math through available technologies. Listen to Allison McCulloch introduce the article.


In the article “Everybody Still Plays: Virtual Engagement without Webcams On” author Xi (CiCi) Yu asks, “How do I engage learners in a mathematics classroom where everybody still plays even if I can’t see most of my students’ faces?” This video acts as a “lens into the design process” behind the provided strategies and techniques needed to engage students in this virtual environment.