May Authors Dig Deep to Empower Students and Teachers Alike

May 3, 2021

Contact: Mary Donovan, 703.620.9840,
RESTON —May 3, 2021 —The May issue of Mathematics Teacher: Learning and Teaching PK–12 (MTLT), the widely read practitioner journal from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), is scheduled to publish on Wednesday, May 5. 

In this month’s Front-and-Center article, authors Lucy A. Watson, Christopher T. Bonnesen, and Jeremy F. Strayer shed light on the nature of mathematics (NOM) in their article “The Nature of Mathematics: Let’s Talk about It.” Within, readers will be introduced to the authors’ “Five Point View” and how “teachers at all grade levels can benefit from discussing the nature of mathematics in the classroom.” 

Using an interactive linking structure, this month’s Front-and-Center article helps reader find relevant sections to share with students. The authors provide teaching strategies, video insights, examples of classroom adaptation, and more to help both students and teachers understand the different views of NOM. 

In May’s Feature for grades 3–5, author Tracy Manousaridis highlights how making math exciting and fun can lead to student engagement and growth. In her article, “Promoting Inquisitiveness,” Manousaridis “showcases how students of all ability levels can conjecture and wonder, question and explore, and dig deep into mathematics.” 

Manousaridis takes what is normally a challenging subject in primary grades and turns it in to something thought provoking and interesting to students. She allows students to take the lead to “find their inner mathematician.” 

May’s Teaching is a Journey department, by David Ebert, encourages readers to reach out to new members in the math community and reflect on their own personal journey. In his article, “Professional Groups Shaped My Journey,” Ebert describes how his path began through the encouragement of a family member and how “professional organizations like NCTM have shaped [his] journey as a teacher and learner.” 

In building connections with other teachers through conferences, organizations, and conversation, Ebert has been able to grow his professional career and experience new ways of learning and teaching. Looking back on his role in groups and organizations, he hopes to “inspire [readers] to have a similar positive impact on someone new to the profession."

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