April MTLT Authors Bring Technology to Everyday Life

March 24, 2021

The April Front-and-Center article, “When Students Use Technology Tools, What Are You Noticing?” supplies a framework for teachers to better understand how students are interacting with mathematics and technology. Authors Laura K. Dick, Allison W. McCulloch, and Jennifer N. Lovett present a window into student interaction with technology in our modern, online world and how students can explore and discover mathematics. 

Classroom teacher Joshua Jones introduces his 9–12 Focus article, “Integrating Machine Learning in Secondary Geometry” and explains how his experiences led him to using Google Sheets™ and functional machine learning in his classes. Through his work as a practicing data scientist, he connects his curriculum to everyday mathematics real-world jobs. 

Stefanie D. Livers and Victoria Miller Bennett bring a mathematics lesson-planning protocol to readers in their article “Planning Pitfalls: Considerations for Decision-Making.” This protocol assists teachers in choosing quality activities during their activity searches.