March MTLT Authors Take Math across Curricula

March 1, 2021

In this month’s Front-and-Center article, “Incorporating Popular Media to Engage Students,” Michelle  Meadows and Joanne Caniglia provide examples and activities for the K–12 classroom on how to find math in the real world. By incorporating popular media, Meadows and Caniglia aim to help teachers instill a positive math identity in their students. 

In the article “Inquiry + Math Workshop = Success,” Kathryn O’Connor, Emma Dearborne, and Tutita M. Casa  promote the idea of expanding literacy skills to the mathematical context. O’Connor encourages teachers to adapt these ideas to deepen student understanding and independence. 

High school mathematics teacher Rachel Wiemken, along with co-authors Russasmita Sri Padmey, and Gabriel Matney, presents a rich, model-eliciting activity for students about the global energy crisis in the article “Global Connections through Mathematical Problem Solving.”