December MTLT Article Featured in Marshall Memo

January 8, 2021


Contact: Mary Donovan, 703.620.9840,

RESTON —January 7, 2021 —An article from Mathematics Teacher: Learning and Teaching PK–12 (MTLT) was recently featured in issue 868 of the Marshall Memo, a highly influential publication that curates content from various education journals. 

James Russo, Toby Russo, and Penelope Kalogeropoulos’s article for grade band 35, “Exploring Exponential Growth in Elementary School,” which closes out the inaugural volume of Mathematics Teacher: Learning and Teaching PK–12, centers on the idea that exponential growth learning belongs in upper elementary education through the use of games and children’s literature. 

NCTM President Trena Wilkerson shares, “Exponential growth is an essential concept that contributes to PK–12 students’ deep understanding of mathematics, supports students in their ability to critique and understand their world, and provides opportunities for students to engage as thinkers and doers of mathematics. Russo, Russo, and Kalogeropoulos offer four powerful design principles as guides for teachers of mathematics to consider along with examples as they incorporate exponential growth into learning experiences for their students.”

An editorial team at the Marshall Memo curates 60 carefully chosen publications for articles that have the greatest potential to improve teaching, leadership, and learning; and each week, the team selects 5–10 practical, helpful articles for the memo. The articles are summarized for their key takeaways so that busy teachers and educators can understand the point of the articles in 20 minutes. 

NCTM encourages those interested in contributing to MTLT to review the MTLT Author Toolkit.


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