Problems to Ponder Available on ASSISTments

December 15, 2020

Press Release – Problems to Ponder Available on ASSISTments


Contact: Christine Noddin, 703.620.9840,

RESTON—December 16, 2020—Readers of Mathematics Teacher: Learning and Teaching PK–12 (MTLT) will receive an added benefit beginning in January 2021. All of the Problems to Ponder, including content published since the inaugural issue of MTLT in January 2020, are now available to be digitally assigned to Canvas and/or Google Classroom. This feature is powered by ASSISTments, a free math tool for teachers.

Problems to Ponder is a collection of problems that appears monthly in MTLT. Accessing the problems through ASSISTments allows classroom teachers to do the following:

• Easily assign the problems to students

• Provide better feedback to students because teachers can see student responses in their learning management systems such as Canvas and Google Classroom

• Provide assessment data feedback by ASSISTments to students 

A link to each set of problems for the month can be found in the Problems to Ponder department of the journal issue. 

Each problem will be tagged with key words and a grade band that will make assigning them to students a breeze:

• Algebra 

• Geometry / Measurement 

• Number and Operations 

• Probability / Data Analysis and Statistics 

• Discrete Math 

• Functions and Trigonometry 

• Calculus

• PK–2

• 3–5

• 6–8

• 9–12

Group Access memberships will have also access to ASSISTments.


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