MTLT Editorial Featured in the Marshall Memo

November 2, 2020


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RESTON —October 30, 2020—Cathy Martin’s editorial, “Accelerating Unfinished Learning,” which opens Mathematics Teacher: Learning and Teaching PK–12 (MTLT) volume 113, issue 10, was recently highlighted in the popular Marshall Memo, a highly influential publication that curates content from various education journals. The article was featured in issue 859 of the Marshall Memo and exemplifies the content that MTLT offers to its readers.


Martin, who serves as the Associate Chief of Academics for Denver Public Schools, describes acceleration: It “focuses on the opportunities that students have for new learning, looks at students from an asset-based perspective, and supports their readiness for new learning.” She discusses the acceleration of unfinished learning and goes on to suggest articles in MTLT that support acceleration in action.


“As Martin points out, approaching students’ learning through an asset-based rather than deficit view is vital,” says NCTM President Trena Wilkerson. “Creating learning opportunities so that each and every student develops a deep understanding of mathematics is crucial. Engaging students with tasks that support connections to prior knowledge and develop future concepts around essential mathematical content and processes,” Wilkerson continues, “provides a means for assessing student learning that contributes to teachers’ planning effective, equitable instruction. Such tasks also promote a culture of student engagement in powerful learning.”


An editorial team at the Marshall Memo curates 60 carefully chosen publications for articles that have the greatest potential to improve teaching, leadership, and learning; and each week 5–10 practical, helpful articles are selected for the memo. The articles are summarized for their key takeaways so that busy teachers and educators can understand the point of the articles in 20 minutes.  


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