October Authors Take the Scary Out of Discussions

October 6, 2020

Michael “Mick” Morgan and Cory Bennett wrote, “Developing Norms with Silent Discussions,” to describe an equitable, inclusive space where everyone’s ideas can be heard and help build toward the collective understanding of how we do mathematics in the classroom. Sarah Bush and DeAnn Huinker want you to read their article, “Change in School Mathematics: Creating the Opportunities our Students Deserve,” and launch conversations based on the catalyzing change framework and the four key recommendations that span PK-12. Luke Reinke presents real-world contexts to anchor students understanding of abstract ideas in the article, “Beyond Hooks: Real-World Contexts as Anchors for Instruction.” Allison McCulloch and Samuel Reed introduce the Which One Doesn’t Belong? (WODB) routine in “#WODB: The Power of Dynamic Representations,” as a way to engage students in rich discussions around mathematical objects using static and dynamic representations.