You've Got Stories: Now It's Time to Write!

June 12, 2020

You’ve Got Stories: Now It’s Time to Write!



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RESTON —June 12, 2020—Angela Barlow, editor-in-chief of the newest journal from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), Mathematics Teacher: Learning and Teaching PK–12 (MTLT), and six members of the editorial board presented “You’ve Got Stories: Now It’s Time to Write!as part of NCTM’s 100 Days of Professional Development.


Barlow, joined by MTLT editorial board members Thomasenia Lott Adams, Rick Anderson, Roger Day, Clayton Edwards, Sandra Madden, and Rebecca Robichaux-Davis, presented “You’ve Got Stories to an international audience—spanning the globe from Maryland to Australia—on June 4, 2020.


Acknowledging that teachers have stories to tell of the strategies and techniques they’ve used in mathematics instruction, the presentation showed how teachers, particularly those new to writing, can approach writing for a journal such as MTLT by breaking down the process and removing the mystery. Participants learned how to get feedback on their idea for an article, how to take that idea and shape it into an outline, and how to approach the actual writing process. The speakers provided tips on how to manage the writing process, and they reviewed the steps involved with the submission and review of an article.


Barlow noted that MTLT presents an excellent opportunity for novice as well as experienced writers because of the organization of the journal, which has a range of articles, including those as short as 1500 words.


Barlow told her audience, “As mathematics teachers, we see things every day that are positive; that are supporting our students in learning meaningful mathematics. A lot of times we tell these stories to our colleagues and to our friends. But if we don’t share these stories in writing, how are we going to get these ideas out to a larger audience?” She goes on to say, “If you’re in the classroom and you’re working with students, you’ve got some stories to tell and others need to hear that. With that in mind, we developed this presentation to help you think through this process.”


Links to the webinar chat and webinar slides are also available. Submission information for MTLT is also available.




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