NCTM Perennial Favorite Deemed March Mathness Champion

April 6, 2020

NCTM Perennial Favorite Deemed March Mathness Champion 


Contact: Christine Noddin, 703.620.9840 


RESTON—April 6, 2020—The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) announces Principles to Actions: Ensuring Mathematical Success for All as the winner of the popular NCTM March Mathness bracket. March Mathness was a play on the annual single elimination tournament – March Madness. March Mathness brackets were created using N, C, T, and M as the conference brackets. Each bracket represented a ten-year span in NCTM’s publishing history. The conference seeds were vetted by two senior members of the NCTM Publishing Committee, Spencer Jamieson and Carl Oliver. 


Principles to Actions, published in 2014, ushered in an era of essential high-quality mathematics teaching practices that benefit all students. Aimed at teachers, specialists, coaches, policymakers, and parents, the Guiding Principles are detailed and supported within eight essential, research-based mathematics teaching practices. The productive and unproductive beliefs that all stakeholders must recognize have become a part of todays teaching and learning lexicon. 


Running a close second to Principles to Actions, Professional Standards for Teaching Mathematics was established as a broad framework to guide reform in school mathematics during the 1990’s. The standards present a vision of what teaching should entail to support the changes in curriculum set out in the Curriculum and Evaluation Standards. 


“Finalizing a list of contenders for the brackets was a difficult task—there were so many to choose from. I finally went with a list that impacted my own teaching that also highlight the ‘biggest’ books in each of the timeframes,” said Carl Oliver, NCTM Publishing Committee member. NCTM thanks everyone who voted and cheered for their favorite. Download the final bracket at