April Issue of NCTM’s New Journal Spotlights Discourse Actions to Promote Student Access

March 17, 2020


Contact: Christine Noddin, 703.620.9840,

RESTON —March 9,2020—The April issue of Mathematics Teacher: Learning and Teaching PK-12(MTLT), the new practitioner journal from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), offers concrete ways to give students equitable access to mathematics.

In Discourse Actions to Promote Student access, Amber G. Candela, Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education, University of Missouri-St. Louis, Melissa Boston, Professor of Mathematics Education, Duquesne University, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, and Juli Dixon, Professor of Mathematics Education, University of Central Florida, Orlando, offer a series of checklists and rubrics for measuring, analyzing, reflecting on, and improving teachers’ (and students’) use of discourse actions in the classroom.

 “When we focus on how to respond to the student’s offer, we can provide more access to more students to make sense of mathematics. How we press students for more and how we link their understanding matters,” says Dixon.

In the article, “Envelope Curves Unify Sinusoidal Graphing, Christopher Harrow, Mathematics Department Chair, Cleveland, Ohio, and Nurfatimah Merchant, Upper School Mathematics Teacher, Atlanta, Georgia, stress that sinusoidal graphs in any coordinate system are governed by the same envelope curve analogies. Leveraging the flexibility of adynamic visualization tool will help you discover a more complete understanding of periodic graphs through constant and variable envelope analogies.


Other articles of interest in this issue include:

Unit Fractions As Superheroes for Instruction

By Susan Baker Empson, Victoria R. Jacobs, Naomi A. Jessup, Amy Hewitt,

D’Anna Pynes, and Gladys Krause

Using Scratch Programming to Explore Coordinates

By Erell Germia and Nicole Panorkou

Noticing before Responding

By Julie M. Amador, David Glassmeyer, and Aaron Brakoniecki

Practices for Mathematics and Science Integrations

By Zandra de Araujo, Deborah Hanuscin, and Samuel Otten

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