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Student Engagement with the “Into Math Graph" Tool

Amanda K. Riske, Catherine E. Cullicott, Amanda Mohammad Mirzaei, Amanda Jansen, and James Middleton

We introduce the Into Math Graph tool, which students use to graph how “into" mathematics they are over time. Using this tool can help teachers foster conversations with students and design experiences that focus on engagement from the student’s perspective.

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Selecting Systems of Linear Equations

Samuel Otten and Andrew Otten

Students make strategic choices–and justify them–to solve a system of two linear equations.

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Exploring Geometric Sequences

Elana Reiser

Use popular culture to draw students' attention to mathematical topics.

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Factor and Remainder Theorems: An Appreciation

Michael Weiss

Core content provides opportunities to focus on the structure of mathematical theory, proof, and anticipation of subsequent topics.

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Statistical Literacy: Data Tell a Story

Marla A. Sole

Using bivariate data, students investigate the ingredients in pasta sauce.

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Activities For Students: The Geometry of Tetris

Lynn Mitzel and Mark Spanier

When it was released in the mid-1980s, Tetris jump-started the video game craze, but many students of the current generation have never even seen this game, much less played it. Now, with the flood of mobile device applications, Tetris has made a comeback, and today's students have a chance to use it, too. We have found Tetris to be an engaging tool for high school geometry students to apply an isometry in context and to learn the composition of isometries. The game allows a player to rotate and translate moving pieces to create full rows anywhere on the screen.

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Calendar and Solutions – August 2014

A set of problems of many types.

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Media Clips: A Mathematical Mosaic

Ron Lancaster

Students analyze items from the media to answer mathematical questions related to the article.

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The Back Page: My Favorite Lesson: Algebra about Me

Victoria Miles

Performance tasks provide effective ways to differentiate mathematics instruction while allowing students to be creative and to incorporate mathematics content that is suitable for their interest and readiness. A project that I have enjoyed assigning to my high school students, Algebra about Me, is designed to introduce, reinforce, and review equation-solving concepts and skills (for a customizable activity sheet, go to

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Delving Deeper: Twists on the Tower of Hanoi

James Metz

A t a party that I attended, the hosts gave their guests the Tower of Hanoi puzzle with alternating dark and light discs and a challenge to move the 7 discs to a new post. (I disqualified myself because I knew how to solve the challenge.) However, the hosts' son and daughter-in-law misunderstood the directions and moved the dark discs to one side post and the light discs to the other side post. I immediately wondered, “How many moves did they take, assuming that they made the most efficient moves? How can their interpretation of the problem be generalized to n discs?”