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Siddhi Desai, Farshid Safi, and Brianna Kurtz

Ear to the Ground features voices from several corners of the mathematics education world.

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Cheng-Yao Lin and Aviva Hamavid

Growing Problem Solvers provides four original, related, classroom-ready mathematical tasks, one for each grade band. Together, these tasks illustrate the trajectory of learners’ growth as problem solvers across their years of school mathematics.

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Ricardo Martinez

REALM is a mathematics summer program for minoritized high school age students that brings together history, culture, and youth agency to commit to positive action upon the world. This poem was written as a reflection of how students engaged in and with mathematics during the summer program.

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Thomasenia Lott Adams

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Lucy A. Watson, Christopher T. Bonnesen, and Jeremy F. Strayer

Teachers can offer opportunities for K–12 students to reflect on the nature of mathematics (NOM) as they learn.

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Nina G. Bailey, Demet Yalman Ozen, Jennifer N. Lovett, Allison W. McCulloch, and Charity Cayton

Three different technological activities to explore parameters of quadratic functions each has its own pros and cons.

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Megan Holmstrom and Megan Korponic

Problems to Ponder provides 28 varying, classroom-ready mathematics problems that collectively span PK–12, arranged in the order of the grade level. Answers to the problems are available online. Individuals are encouraged to submit a problem or a collection of problems directly to If published, the authors of problems will be acknowledged.Megan Holmstrom and Megan Korponic

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Tracy Manousaridis

A third-grade subtraction exploration in a learning community adds curiosity, productive struggle, discourse, engagement, and fun.