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Volume 117 (2024): Issue 6 (Jun 2024)

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Belonging Matters: Amplifying Teachers’ Voices in Schools

Lateefah Id-Deen and Nicolette Nalu

This research commentary illuminates teachers’ insights that help examine the nuanced relationship between spaces and situations that describe the impact of fostering belongingness and elevating their voices. Data includes results from a qualitative survey, which was a convenience sample across the southern region of the United States. The findings highlight the need for creating environments that cultivate a sense of belonging and empower teachers. By elevating the voices of teachers, our intention was to underscore the significance of acknowledging what they express and the emotions they navigate daily inside and outside of their classrooms. We conclude with some call-to-action strategies for mathematics teacher educators as they work alongside teachers and other stakeholders to elevate the educational experience for teachers and students alike.

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Centering First-Year Teachers’ Instructional Visions and Professional Voices in a Community of Practice

Dawn M. Woods and Kathryn M. Rupe

First-year teachers often experience tensions between their visions of high-quality and equitable mathematics instruction and the realities of school culture and politics. Subsequently, first-year teachers need a professional learning space where they can be supported in enacting their instructional visions while developing their professional voices. In this paper, we share the voices of four first-year teachers and how a community of practice supported them to navigate the individual challenges of their classroom practices. Findings from this study yielded two major themes: 1) the community of practice supported them to reflect, envision, and articulate alternative realities; and 2) instructional visions were filters that empowered them to strengthen their professional voices while developing as equitable mathematics teachers.

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Converse Diagonal Properties of Hexagons

Wayne Nirode

This article extends the converse diagonal properties of special quadrilaterals to hexagons, including proving some results and suggestions for further exploration.

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Elementary Teachers Designing Culturally Grounded Cases for Preservice Teachers: A Process for Reciprocal Learning

Tracy E. Dobie, Lynne Zummo, Amelia P. Biddle, Lauren Barth-Cohen, Connor Warner, Daniela Galvez Sghiatti, and Micah Daniels

Connecting university methods courses and teacher daily practice is a persistent challenge in teacher education. Another challenge is preparing teachers to enact equitable instruction that meets the needs of an increasingly diverse student population. We take on these challenges by supporting practicing elementary teachers to design case-based teaching scenarios for preservice teachers that engage them with enacting culturally grounded mathematics and science instruction. We draw on data from workshops with teachers to illustrate how the design process elevates teachers’ voices while also supporting their own learning. Workshop features that proved powerful for teachers included collaborating with colleagues, offering and receiving peer feedback, and working with a table describing key features of culturally grounded pedagogy in mathematics and science.

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Finding the Meaning of Geometry Through Proofs

Alberto Leiro

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Fostering Social Justice Through Statistics

Susie Sujin Min

A secondary math teacher shares how she has made teaching and learning mathematics authentic and relevant, and has transformed herself and her students to be upstanders.

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From Switching Languages to Switching Units

Ayse Ozturk

Switching languages enriches the mathematical experience of all students in the classroom during the problem-solving process.

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GPS: The Distributive Property

Amy J. Tanner and Daniel K. Siebert

Growing Problem Solvers provides four original, related, classroom-ready mathematical tasks, one for each grade band. Together, these tasks illustrate the trajectory of learners  growth as problem solvers across their years of school mathematics.

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Hands-on Geometric Tiling Art

Joe Champion, Ann Wheeler, Josephine Derrick, and David Gardner

This hands-on activity using geometric tiling art investigates concepts in geometry, number sense, and probability.