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Volume 117 (2024): Issue 4 (Apr 2024)

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Accessible Standard Algorithms

Karen C. Fuson, Shannon Kiebler, and Robyn Decker

Learn accessible standard algorithms that students can understand, carry out easily, and bring to fluency. Students initially make drawings that facilitate understanding and explaining.

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All Sorts of Quality Interactions With English Learners

Haiwen Chu and Guillermo Virgilio Lopez

English learners can make new connections and applications through small group sorting activities.

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April Toolsʼ Day

Jennifer Bay-Williams and Sherri Martinie

Select a day in April to use manipulatives or other tools to engage students in mathematical reasoning and the joy of mathematics.

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Dismantling Inequitable Structures

Sarah B. Bush, DeAnn Huinker, and Karen J. Graham

Four shifts needed to create mathematics programs that are equitable, just, and inclusive for each and every student.

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GPS: The Arithmetic and Harmonic Triangles

Robert A. Powers and Michelle T. Chamberlin

Growing Problem Solvers provides four original, related, classroom-ready mathematical tasks, one for each grade band. Together, these tasks illustrate the trajectory of learners' growth as problem solvers across their years of school mathematics.

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The Nature of Math

Kate Roscioli

Nature is all around us, and within nature is hidden math, patterns, opportunities for measurement and data collecting. Find examples of math in your world.

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Opening the “Gait” to Unit Rate

A. Susan Gay, Jeanine Haistings, Jason L. Rucker, Lindsay Garcia, and Megan Koenigsman

Promote understanding of unit rate in the real-world context of a walking speed test.

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A Parabolic Explanation of Completing the Square

Leonard Van Wyk

Presenting a new way to explain this classic concept using the transformations of parabolas.

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Problems to Ponder

Tiffany Thibodeau and Sooryadev Purdasseea

Problems to Ponder provides 28 varying, classroom-ready mathematics problems that collectively span PK–12, arranged in the order of the grade level. Answers to the problems are available online. Individuals are encouraged to submit a problem or a collection of problems directly to If published, the authors of problems will be acknowledged.