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Beware of “Gaps” in Students’ Fraction Conceptions

Patrick L. Sullivan, Joann E. Barnett, and Kurt Killion

Many students have a dominant part-whole conception of fractions. We examine why this is problematic and explore strategies to move students beyond this limitation.

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Encouraging Students to LOVE MATH with One-Straight-Cut Letters

Yi-Yin (Winnie) Ko, Connor A. Goodwin, Lauren Ream, and Grace Rebber

One-straight-cut activities engage middle-school students in learning about symmetry and geometric transformations.

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Experiencing Joy

Christa Jackson

What brings you joy in the teaching and learning of mathematics?

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Varying the Intensity of Scaffolding for English Learners

Haiwen Chu, Jill Neumayer DePiper, and Leslie Hamburger

Vary the intensity of pedagogical scaffolding along three dimensions—grouping, structure, and language—with the same rigorous prompt.

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Volume 116 (2023): Issue 11 (Nov 2023)

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Volume 54 (2023): Issue 5 (Nov 2023)

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A thank you to the people who reviewed manuscripts for JRME.

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The Beauty of Regular Hexagons

Arsalan Wares

The author shares geometry that inspires him.

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Broken Ceiling Lights: Circular Area Without the Radius

Nicholas J. Gilbertson

A customer walks in to a lighting store with a broken ceiling light, and the solution to finding a replacement glass illuminates an alternative approach to finding the circumference and area of a circle without knowing the circle’s center, radius, or diameter.

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“Discourse: Simple Moves that Work”

Molly Rothermel Rawding, Theresa Wills, and Introduction by: Karla Bandemer

An article from the NCTM legacy journalMathematics Teaching in the Middle School offers simple methods to improve discourse and engagement in the mathematics classroom.