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Exploring Lunar Phases With the Moon Pie ­Simulation

Amanda Provost and Nicole Panorkou

Students use multiplicative and ratio reasoning with fraction and degree values as they explore a simulation of the lunar phases.

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Opening the “Gait” to Unit Rate

A. Susan Gay, Jeanine Haistings, Jason L. Rucker, Lindsay Garcia, and Megan Koenigsman

Promote understanding of unit rate in the real-world context of a walking speed test.

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Integrating Integers with Tug-of-War and Two-Sided Counters

Kristyn Sartin

An introduction to integer addition and subtraction in a conceptual 
and relatable way using two-sided counters and tug-of-war.

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Drawing a Positive Math Identity: Portrait of a Math Person

Liza Bondurant and Liesl McConchie

Activities and resources to help learners foster a positive math identity.

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Embracing Uncertainty, Struggle, and Creativity with Open Middle

Stephen L. Caviness, Crystal Wallen, and Lorraine Stewart

These educators share the “how” and “why” behind their use of open middle tasks in the classroom.

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Construct It! Introducing Integers with Floats and Anchors

Christy Pettis and Aran Glancy

Use the Floats and Anchors context as well as physical and digital materials to help students understand integer addition and subtraction.

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Encouraging Students to LOVE MATH with One-Straight-Cut Letters

Yi-Yin (Winnie) Ko, Connor A. Goodwin, Lauren Ream, and Grace Rebber

One-straight-cut activities engage middle-school students in learning about symmetry and geometric transformations.

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Varying the Intensity of Scaffolding for English Learners

Haiwen Chu, Jill Neumayer DePiper, and Leslie Hamburger

Vary the intensity of pedagogical scaffolding along three dimensions—grouping, structure, and language—with the same rigorous prompt.

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“Discourse: Simple Moves that Work”

Molly Rothermel Rawding, Theresa Wills, and Introduction by: Karla Bandemer

An article from the NCTM legacy journalMathematics Teaching in the Middle School offers simple methods to improve discourse and engagement in the mathematics classroom.

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Two Technology Frameworks: Their Use in Lesson Design

Elizabeth B. Harkey, Angela T. Barlow, and Victoria Groves-Scott

The authors used two technology frameworks to design three seventh-grade mathematics lessons, focusing on opportunities to address collaboration, authenticity, or personalization.