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It’s Off the Screen: Unearthing Megagons Through Technology

Sean Nank, Jaclyn M. Murawska, and Steven J. Edgar

Mathematical action technology can foster equitable student discourse. Students engage in cycles of proof to create, test, and revise conjectures through dynamic exploration of the Pythagorean theorem.

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Student Engagement with the “Into Math Graph" Tool

Amanda K. Riske, Catherine E. Cullicott, Amanda Mohammad Mirzaei, Amanda Jansen, and James Middleton

We introduce the Into Math Graph tool, which students use to graph how “into" mathematics they are over time. Using this tool can help teachers foster conversations with students and design experiences that focus on engagement from the student’s perspective.

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Noticing before Responding

Julie M. Amador, David Glassmeyer, and Aaron Brakoniecki

This article provides a framework for integrating professional noticing into teachers' practice as a means to support instructional decisions. An illustrative example is included based on actual use with secondary students.

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Using Scratch Programming to Explore Coordinates

Erell Germia and Nicole Panorkou

We present a Scratch task we designed and implemented for teaching and learning coordinates in a dynamic and engaging way. We use the 5Es framework to describe the students' interactions with the task and offer suggestions of how other teachers may adopt it to successfully implement Scratch tasks.

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An Unplanned Path

Lynn M. McGarvey, Gladys Y. Sterenberg, and Julie S. Long

As a means of identifying potential new elementary school trailblazers, examine the significant points along the professional journeys of two teachers.

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Problem: Decoding dimensions of the Dakota

Sherri Farmer and Signe E. Kastberg

Each month, elementary teachers are given problem along with suggested instructional notes. Teachers are asked to use the problem in their own classrooms and report solutions, strategies, reflections, and misconceptions to the journal audience.

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Investigating Measurement Knowledge

Jenni K. McCool and Carol Holland

Collaborating with a researcher, this teacher uses two fifth graders' assessment results to inform her whole-class instruction and gain insight into all her students' conceptual knowledge.

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A Little Area Challenge: A Sod Story

Perla L. Myers and Colleen N. Pelak

Implement this professional development workshop designed to help teachers excavate the concept of area, uncover misconceptions, and cultivate understanding.

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Navigating Classroom Change

Lindsay M. Umbeck

A renegotiated classroom culture results in students learning to participate in new ways.

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Palette of Problems – September 2011

David Rock and Mary K. Porter

A monthly set of problems is aimed at a variety of ability levels.