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Fostering Social Justice Through Statistics

Susie Sujin Min

A secondary math teacher shares how she has made teaching and learning mathematics authentic and relevant, and has transformed herself and her students to be upstanders.

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From Switching Languages to Switching Units

Ayse Ozturk

Switching languages enriches the mathematical experience of all students in the classroom during the problem-solving process.

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Modeling the Impact of the Chernobyl Disaster

Geena Taite, Helene Leonard, Amanda Provost, and Nicole Panorkou

In this mathematical modeling task, Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 students determine the most impactful radioactive substance(s) released at the Chernobyl disaster of 1986.

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All Sorts of Quality Interactions With English Learners

Haiwen Chu and Guillermo Virgilio Lopez

English learners can make new connections and applications through small group sorting activities.

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Mathematics Identity Rainbows

Emma C. Gargroetzi and Gina Y. Wei

This activity engages students with the concept of mathematics identity to expand conceptions of what mathematics is and therefore what doing mathematics and being mathematical can mean.

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Mentally Making and Measuring Angles

Hamilton L. Hardison

Encourage students’ use of iteration, partitioning, and 
familiar angles to make sense of angular measure.

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Building a Digit Classifier with MNIST

Jedediyah Williams

Students use feature engineering to build a classifier that can accurately recognize digits from images.

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Strengthening Students’ Proofs Using Peer Critiques and Revisions

Brooke Krejci and Kimberly Conner

Support students’ understanding of the proving process by having them pose a conjecture, draft a proof, and then revise it using peer feedback.

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Model It! Devising a Model to Represent College Football Rankings

Rachel Wiemken, Gabriel Matney, and Brandon Floro

A model eliciting activity based on our students’ outside interests sparks engagement with modeling and interesting debates.

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Digital Learning Routes: An Example of Mathematical Modeling

Salomé Martínez, Flavio Guiñez, and Darío González

An online activity provides instructional strategies that can help students engage in mathematical modeling and autonomous learning.