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Technology and Median Income Data: Opening Doors

Gail Burrill, Joan Funderburk, Becky Byer, and Rachael Gorsuch

Classroom stories show how using technology to investigate the wage gap provided opportunities to develop students’ identities and agency and enabled a classroom culture of sharing and risk-taking.

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Influence and Legacy of NCTM Journals

Ed Dickey

A personal reflection by Ed Dickey on the influence and legacy of NCTM's journals.

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Quick Blocks: Developing Spatial Sense

Gabriel Matney, Julia Porcella, and Shannon Gladieux

This article shares the importance of giving K-12 students opportunities to develop spatial sense. We explain how we designed Quick Blocks as an activity to engage our students in both spatial reasoning and number sense. Several examples of students thinking are shared as well as a classroom dialogue.

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Well Played

Angela T. Barlow

In this commentary, I share my changing perspective of our new journal as I advanced through the process of becoming the inaugural Editor-in-Chief. Within this narrative, I offer insights into the affordances of the new features of the journal and its contents.

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Mathematical Modeling in the High School Curriculum

Maria L. Hernández, Rachel Levy, Mathew D. Felton-Koestler, and Rose Mary Zbiek

Ideas from the GAIMME report illustrate how teachers can engage students in the modeling process.

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Quick images for all

Molly Rawding

Postscript items are designed as rich grab-and-go resources that any teacher can quickly incorporate into his or her classroom repertoire with little effort and maximum impact. Quick images are a fun, engaging way for students to compose and decompose visual numbers. Students apply their understanding of subitizing–the ability to recognize a number of items without counting–as they determine the quantity of the group

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Original Recipes for Matrix Multiplication

Allyson Hallman-Thrasher, Erin T. Litchfield, and Kevin E. Dael

Frozen custard recipes are the starting point for students to derive and explain a method for multiplying matrices.

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The Place and Purpose of Combinatorics

Zach Hurdle, Max Warshauer, and Alex White

The union of curriculum goals intersects with math education standards.

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Using Mathematics to Elect the U.S. President

Alexis Stevens and John Stevens

The often misunderstood Electoral College is based on the simple, yet powerful, mathematical idea of proportional reasoning.

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Mathematical Modeling with MyMaps and Spreadsheets

Victoria Weber, Nicholas Fortune, Derek Williams, and Ashley Whitehead

Available apps are used to develop and investigate an optimization problem.