Mathematical Roots: Get Primed to the Basic Building Blocks of Numbers

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  • 1 Joyce M. Bullock Elementary School in Williston, Florida
  • 2 University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida

In his book Elements, Euclid established that certain numbers are the building blocks of our natural number system. He revealed that these natural numbers could be “decomposed” into their smallest units as products of specific numbers. Numbers that can only be factored by themselves and 1 are called “prime numbers” and comprise part of the basic building blocks of numbers.


She is currently pursuing a specialist degree in mathematics education and is interested in the “big idea” of number.

One of her interests is multicultural mathematics, which includes examining the cultural contexts of mathematical ideas.

Edited by Thomasenia Lott Adams. This department explores rich mathematical ideas by revisiting their origins and early investigations found in the history of mathematics. Send submissions to this department by accessing

Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School


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