Dismantling Inequitable Structures

Four shifts needed to create mathematics programs that are equitable, just, and inclusive for each and every student.

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Proactive Mathematics Coaching: Bridging Content, Context, and Practice by Courtney Baker and Melinda Knapp. Elevate your Math Coaching and Leadership Skills with the power of the Proactive Coaching Framework – where context meets content for intentional professional growth. Drawing on a set of 33 Guiding Questions, the PCF prompts you to intentionally plan and reflect on your actions so that you can make instructional decisions that are proactive rather than reactive.


The March issue of JRME features two articles that examine undergraduate student thinking. The first explores students' mental actions when reasoning about proofs, and the second looks at their intuitive ideas when constructing and interpreting graphs. The editorial reflects on connections between mathematics education and cognitive psychology. 

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The February 2024 issue of Mathematics Teacher Educator is a special issue devoted to elevating teacher voices. These five articles center teachers in discussing syllabus design, design thinking, decolonizing lesson study, professional development, and teaching in an emergency.

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Mathematics Teacher: Learning and Teaching PK-12

Mathematics Teacher Educator

Mathematics Teacher Educator

Journal for Research in Mathematics Education

Journal for Research in Mathematics Education


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Project-Based Learning in Elementary Classrooms: Making Mathematics Come Alive

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One-Hundred Problems Involving the Number 100


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