New Issue of MTLT! November's Front-and-Center article, “Symbiosis: Social and Emotional Learning & Mathematical Learning,” by Ruthmae Sears, Jennifer Bay-Williams, James C. Willingham, and Amanda Cullen opens the annual special issue with a look at the deeper relationship between students and math. Read more articles like this and more in MTLT!


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More Good Questions: Great Ways to Differentiate Secondary Mathematics Instruction, Second Edition, by Marian Small and Amy Lin. Featuring 89 new questions, this revised edition uses two powerful and universally applicable strategies to help teachers differentiate instruction with less difficulty and greater success.


The November issue of JRME features a piece of historical research about a 19th-century Black mathematics educator who faced many obstacles but also improbable success. It also contains three Research Commentaries discussing the equity-focused articles in our March issue as well as broader trends in equity research.

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Mathematics Teacher: Learning and Teaching PK-12

Mathematics Teacher: Learning and Teaching PK-12

Mathematics Teacher Educator

Mathematics Teacher Educator

Journal for Research in Mathematics Education

Journal for Research in Mathematics Education


Project-Based Learning

Project-Based Learning in Elementary Classrooms: Making Mathematics Come Alive

Unpacking Fractions

Principles to Actions: Ensuring Mathematical Success for All

100 Problems

One-Hundred Problems Involving the Number 100


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