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The Front-and-Center article in the November issue of MTLT, written by Michael Hicks, Jessica Pierson Bishop, Christina Koehne, and Mai Bui, considers the question of authority in the mathematics classroom. Read more articles like this and more in MTLT!


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Proactive Mathematics Coaching: Bridging Content, Context, and Practice by Courtney Baker and Melinda Knapp. Elevate your Math Coaching and Leadership Skills with the power of the Proactive Coaching Framework – where context meets content for intentional professional growth. Drawing on a set of 33 Guiding Questions, the PCF prompts you to intentionally plan and reflect on your actions so that you can make instructional decisions that are proactive rather than reactive.


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Success Stories from Catalyzing Change, edited by Karen J. Graham, Robert Q. Berry III, Sarah B. Bush, and DeAnn Huinker. These stories share efforts at the district and state levels as well as within schools and highlight the challenges and successes of implementing equitable teaching practices in classrooms everywhere, using key recommendations from the Catalyzing Change series.


The November issue of JRME features a randomized control trial studying a preschool spatial reasoning intervention; a critical literature review of student positioning in research about mathematics assessment; and a commentary about qualitative synthesis techniques. The editorial highlights the challenges currently facing doctoral education in the United States.

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The June 2023 issue of Mathematics Teacher Educator features articles that highlight a range of tools to support prospective and practicing teachers in different equitable pedagogies. The articles discuss noticing inequitable participation, developing antiracist practices, complexifying the use of mixed-reality simulations, and planning mathematics tasks that are justice-oriented. The editorial encourages mathematics teacher educators to recognize their positionalities in their practices and offers support for how to write positionality statements in their MTE articles.

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Mathematics Teacher: Learning and Teaching PK-12

Mathematics Teacher Educator

Mathematics Teacher Educator

Journal for Research in Mathematics Education

Journal for Research in Mathematics Education


Project-Based Learning

Project-Based Learning in Elementary Classrooms: Making Mathematics Come Alive

Unpacking Fractions

Principles to Actions: Ensuring Mathematical Success for All

100 Problems

One-Hundred Problems Involving the Number 100


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